Gemma Jones Aesthetics Academy travel the UK providing high standard treatments and training courses!


Who can we train

We train medics & non medics 

starting from very beginners.



Certificated & Insured

We provide you with full accredited certificates to allow you to train and practice in the industry. We also sign you up to our personal insurers with very good rates


What courses we provide

A list of courses we provide is further down the page, but we cover most courses

How Do I Train ?

Starting from a very beginner?


Have a level 2 /3 beauty?

If you have either of these qualifications we will need to see proof of certification. Once certification proof is given you can then go on to do our anatomy and physiology course level 4 then go on to do our foundation course.

Already trained in foundation courses?

If you are already trained in foundation dermal filler/muscle relaxant with a minimum of 8 months practice. You can then go on to do our Advanced Courses.

Are the courses accredited ?

Yes! All of our courses are accredited and regulated by cpd. All courses allow you to receive accredited certification in the delivery of nonsurgical injectable treatments that demonstrate their ability to meet 2018 HEE guidelines. After our courses you will be able to practice as an aesthetician and buy your own stock.


All information on prescribing and insurance is given and set up on course with you this will allow you to work with a prescriber and buy your own stock to be able to practice as an aesthetician.

Courses we Offer

Anatomy & Physiology level 3&4

This is a homestudy course, you have a maximum of 6 weeks to complete and pass the exams.

This course allows you to continue on to any of our courses. This course includes an exam which you must pass by 80% to be able to pass the course and continue on. 

Once your booklet has been complete you will get sent the exam via email. you have 1 hour to complete the exam and send it back to us.You must not refer back to your manual

Once your A&P tests have been passed you can then go onto your phlebotomy course. Once all this has been done you can go onto our foundation course.

Once the deposit has been paid you will then recieve your foundation manual which you must study and complete before you commence practical training.

Beauty Therapy – 1 day courses

  • Body wax 
  • Brow wax tint
  • Lash lift & tint
  • Semi Permanent Eyelashes
  • Brow wax & tint
  • Gel Nails
  • Facial Peels

Aesthetics Level 1 – 1 day courses 

For these Courses you must have completed a&p level 3&4 or have a relevant beauty therapy level 3/ nursing qualification

  • Mesotherapy 
  • Microneedling
  • Prp
  • Facial Peels
  • Dermarolling – plasma or syrums
  • Phlebotomy
  • Dermaplaning

Injectables Foundation

You must have level 3& 4 anatomy & physiology and phlebotomy to go on to this course

For these courses you will get a pre study manual we will send out to you. Once the manual has been read and completed you then choose the 5 days you would like to do your practical days with us. It must be 5 days per foundation course. So you will need 10 days if you are doing, line reducer and filler. You choose these from the list of clinics on the book online page. After the 5 days practical, you must do a minimum of 15 case studies on these courses to be sent back to us before being passed and allowing you to become a fully qualified practitioner.

Foundation Dermal Filler – Lip enhancement, Marionette lines, Nasolabial folds

Foundation Muscle Relaxant – Upper face muscle relaxant

On the course you will learn about

  • Facial mapping
  • Injection techniques
  • Restoring volume
  • Contra indications
  • Indications
  • Treatable areas
  • Dosages
  • Hygiene
  • Complications
  • How to deal with complications
  • Setting up your insurance
  • Buying stock
  • Clinical Oversight
  • Marketing
  • Client consultations and consent
  • Aftercare

Injectables Advanced

You must have level 3& 4 anatomy & physiology, phlebotomy and 8 months experience in foundation to go on to this course

Advanced Dermal Filler – Rhinoplasty, Tear Trough, Cheek enhancement, Jawline Enhancement, Chin enhancement

Advanced Muscle Relaxant – Lower face muscle relaxant, hyperhydrosis, Gummy smile, Pebble chin, smokers lines

Advanced cannula – Cheeks, Jaw, Chin, Tear trough

Hyalaise – Filler dissolving

About our courses

After your deposit is paid, you will then receive your first manual which is normally your level 3 a&p manual, this consists of assignments that must be completed once the assignments are complete you will then take a test which is sent via email also. once that test is complete, you then recieve your level 4 manual. once the manual and test for level 4 is complete, you then do your phlebotomy, after that is complete you then pay for your foundation course.

once payment has been made, you then pick the 5 days you wish to do as your practical days. it is 5 days per each foundation course you are doing,  Plus any other days for any other courses. Your manual for your foundation course is then sent which has a run down of all the things you will be learning.

 Everything from health and safety, injection techniques, adverse effects, prescribing and insurance is set up with you. 

The clinics we visit is on the book now page. you go to book now scroll down to the bottom and it says to view list of clinics click here. You would need to choose from the list of clinics we currently visit.

our main job is teaching we have students everyday.

we are a training academy and have taught over 200± students. 

all certificates are accredited by cpd. and tquk. We set the insurance up with you.

You get 1-1 support throughout and after the courses are complete. 

Pricing & Payment

Training Prices – per person

All courses require £100 deposit – Foundation/advanced require £200


Anatomy & Physiology level 3 or 4  £300 each or £500 (when paid all in full)

Phlebotomy £250

Level 3 Teachers award

Foundation Dermal Filler £1500

Foundation Muscle relaxant £1500

Foundation filler+phlebotomy + dissolving £2000

Foundation Duo including phlebotomy and dissolving £3000 (50% of course deposit required)

Advanced Dermal Filler £1500

Cannula course-(seperate) – £350

Advanced Muscle Relaxant £1500

Filler Dissolving £350

Dermaplaning £300 (INCLUDES KIT)

Dermaroller Treatment (£300)

Lash lift & Tint £300 (inc kit)

Brow wax & tint £300 (ink kit)

Acrylic Nails £999 inc kit 

Body wax £300 (ink kit)

Facial Peels £150

Payment – per person

All prices are per person – if there is more than 3 people we may give a slight discount

All courses require £100 deposit per course. Foundation/advanced requires £200. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE

All courses must be paid in full before you start your practical.

If you cannot pay in full we can do weekly payments, if you choose the weekly payment option you will not recieve certification until full payments have been paid.

We also offer fininace which you can apply for through pretty face finance


If you want to book please get in touch via the contact us page stating which course you would like to book. OR EMAIL with which course you would like to book

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